Automotive AC Service and Repair in Hyde Park, Boston, MA

C and C Auto Service offers extensive automotive AC service and repair in Hyde Park, Boston, MA.

During the summertime in New England, high temperatures and humidity can make driving uncomfortable with your windows rolled down. If your air conditioning system is blowing hot air, visit our auto service facility in Hyde Park, Boston, MA to consult with one of our specialists.

With over 32 years of experience, C and C Auto Service has been helping car owners keep their vehicles cool. There can be several reasons why an air conditioning system may blow hot air, but our team of certified technicians is equipped to identify the issue. We use a range of techniques to diagnose the problem, including recharging the air conditioning system according to factory specifications, conducting a system leak-down test, vacuuming the refrigerant from the system, checking the air conditioning compressor, and inspecting the system for leaks. If you're looking for automotive AC service or repair in Hyde Park, schedule an online appointment today!